Monday, December 14, 2009

Sweet News from Down Under: Two

... continued.

- Since this is part TWO of my savoury foods and sweet treats update, live from New Zealand - let me give you a quick summary of my findings to date. New Zealand is a country where bars, called 'slices' and 'cookies', reign supreme, and pastries are savoury meat pies. Not one cupcake shop in sight nor fine french pastries. I've never been a huge fan of bar style cookies, so I was underwhelmed by the dessert scene. On the other hand, the ice cream in New Zealand is delicious and tastes like it's supposed too; full of pure rich cream and of course, absolutely divine. A day didn't pass without a scoop or two. (Note to self, ice cream making class at the Bonnie Gordon School?) "Slices", in the Bonnie Gordon definition, are mostly rich heavy sweet shortbread style cookie dough that is baked in a pan and served with a multitude of very sweet icing sugar frostings or fillings; chewy, dense texture and very filling. A perfect treat with a cup of tea, though!
- For burger lovers, Fergburger is THE hotspot in Queenstown. Located right downtown and packed from open (8:00am) to close (5:00am - yes, AM). It's where everyone meets up to grab a quick meal. The massive burgers are available in a wide range of options. Andrew had the "Divine Swine" and I had a "Little Lamby". See for their menu.

- Hot out of the oven! A light and flaky pastry with tender bits of lamb. I devoured this meal while sitting on a bench by the pier in Queenstown.

- My next lunch in Queenstown was a sweet tender pork belly braised with pears on rocket and walnut salad. A perfect balance of young sweet rocket (arugula) and slow-braised pork with pears. (Another note to self, I want to move to New Zealand!). From take away quick meals at the airport to casual restaurants; I've discovered that Kiwi's know very well what North American's have forgotten - what real food tastes like. Despite the appearance of the occasional McD's or KFC looking food.WOW - bold statement.

- Okay, so we loved Fergburger so much that we had to return for breakfast. "The Dawn Horn" was so enormous that Andrew and I shared it. So what's in this yummy breakfast burger - streaky bacon, eggs, hash brown, avocado, lettuce, tomato, red onion beetroot, tomato relish, and Ferg's tarragon mayonnaise all served on a fresh locally made bun.

- So remember how I mentioned that I am devouring the ice cream down here? I just found this ice cream in a local grocery store - check out the name... "ORGASMIC ICE CREAM". Ahem, enough said.

- The Fishburger from Ocean Link in Christchurch, New Zealand - the last street food spot we made in New Zealand. I had a light flaky perfectly cooked whitefish served with fresh salad. It made me speechless, so I don't have much to say. But here are a couple pictures.

- Heading to the airport, we found a posh street vendor in the main square called, Escarto. Andrew and I warmed our stomachs with a steamy hot chocolate - a perfect cherry on top to overcome the cool and overcast day we were having.

Now it's off down the yellow brick road to the wonderful world of Oz... Ooozzzztralia that is!


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