Monday, November 23, 2009

Designing with Peggy Porschen

It was a remarkable weekend.

After much excitement and anticipation, Peggy Porschen arrived at the Bonnie Gordon School Thursday evening for a meet and greet with eager cake fans. Together with her charming husband, Bryn - Peggy engaged us with her story on becoming a celebrity cake designer. Her grace and talent can only be described as beautiful and we are thrilled that she joined us at the school.

Peggy began her three day workshop on Friday. She started off by completing a handful of demonstrations on covered cake dummies. Saturday and Sunday was hands-on for the students, and they began designing their own Peggy Porschen inspired Wedding Cake.

Here are pictures from our weekend with Peggy.


  1. What an amazing opportunity for those very lucky students! It looks like Peggy's class was a huge success...judging by all the smiles and the gorgeous cakes produced! Thanks for sharing your wonderful visit with her!

  2. Having been one of the lucky ones to get into Peggy's class, I have to say it was an amazing experience. Peggy is an incredibly talented, hands on teacher, very patient and a very sweet person. Thanks Bonnie for making it happen. The Bonnie Gordon School is the Best!

  3. I must agree - I don't know if it was Peggy's teaching ability or the artistic capabilities of these students, but the outcome was breathtaking. Amazing work. I am so happy with this class.