Monday, November 16, 2009

Reno Diary: Lesson on Buying an Oven

Our new oven is GORGEOUS and I can't wait to start baking in it. But today I received some troubling news... Apparently, this new oven needs to breathe?!? No venting means creating a tropical paradise indoors (not so much fun without the palm trees and beach). Now it's time to meet Shaun, our venting expert. He told me that it won't be a problem - he'll just have to puncture a 6" hole in our ceiling. Alright, sounds good -right? Umm... I later found out that I'd need to replace the panels on the roof once he's done.
Lesson on Buying an Oven

1. Buy an oven
2. Hire an electrician to hardwire the oven to the wall/or use a plug if you wish, but make sure your electrical panel has enough juice. If not, the electrician will happily change your panel for a new one.
3. Get the heating/air guy to vent the oven outside or install a large commercial fan over your oven; either way it will still have to vent outside.
4. If you vent through the roof you'll have to hire a roofing guy to repair the roof around the hole. That is of course if you don't want your roof to leak.

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