Sunday, November 15, 2009

Reno Diary : Four (Weekend Edition)

Is it really Sunday evening?
I guess I learned another lesson today: renovations = no weekends.

Friday morning I had to meet with the Sandi (the architect), the plumber, Tulio (the electrician - no longer M.I.A), and Jeff (the contractor). So much is happening and we needed to have another team meeting. Mr. Frank (the painter) also joined us on Friday and took full advantage of the sunny skies to paint the windows outside. We decided on a yummy milk chocolate colour - it seemed fitting.

Next on the list: Window treatment and an awning. Is there a city bylaw about awnings? I better find out before I order one.

Tulio, the electrician has been working so hard today! He is extremely knowledgeable and understands exactly what I want! He has definitely been such a huge help sourcing out 'hard-to find' fixtures.

After the meeting I left the school to pick up an Exit Sign for our new unit. Of course, I grabbed the wrong one! (Is there seriously different options for EXIT SIGNS?!?). We needed a sign with lights on the top or bottom - not on the sides. Silly, me.

Mr. Frank, the painter, finished painting the first coat of white paint throughout the room by Saturday afternoon. The room looked so bright and clean. We treated him to some cupcakes that Isabelle made in her D1: Designer Cupcakes class.

This evening I spent wandering through big box stores when I could (or should) have been home enjoying down time with the family. I really should be resting because next week our Confectionary Arts student have quiet a heavy workload that I need to prepare for.

Oops - I keep digressing!!! Back to the renovations...

I was able to pick up a lot of miscellaneous (yet, imperative) items from the store tonight. Coat hooks, toilet paper holder, and dishwasher detergent just to name a few! I also need to prepare a check to pay for the new floor that is happening on Tuesday. The cost? Wait for it... equal value to an all inclusive trip for two to Cuba.

Well, I should probably enjoy the last 30 minutes left on this Sunday. Sweet dreams.


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