Friday, November 13, 2009

Reno Diary : Three

Jeff - our perfect contractor (and Mike Holmes look-a-like), called me downstairs to have a look at the placement of our new dishwasher and sink. I had to admit, it was thrilling to see our gorgeous oven just waiting patiently to be embraced by our decadent treats.

Here is a photo of Jeff measuring the dishwasher and sink cabinet.

The framing is in the for the closet, which makes our raised platform ready for flooring. Sadly... our flooring guy is completely M.I.A. Urgghhh! He took measurements last week and was supposed to get back to me on Monday. It's Thursday.
The electrician also comes and goes... not too sure when we'll be graced with his presence again. This is starting to get fun - it's like playing Hide and Seek.
Lucky for us, our perfect contractor Jeff is on the job every day at 7:00am sharp! Jeff... you're the glue that's keeping it together.



  1. Why do contractors choose to wear overalls to work? Is it the numerous pockets or are they trying to hide something?

  2. Congratulations!! Can just imagine how exciting it must be to see the reno go forward! That oven is a beauty!!