Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reno Diary : One

Great News! Our architect went down to City Hall and picked up our building permit!

It's hard to believe that after all the planning, negotiating and meetings... it's really happening. The school is finally growing again.
But who would have thought dealing with lawyers was the easy part?!?

I went shopping for light fixtures today. How is it that big box stores never carry the quantity you need?!? It sort of reminds me of the Hot Dog case from the movie, Father of the Bride. Steve Martin (or as the called him, Mr. Banks) wanted to get the same amount of Hot Dogs to Hot Dog Buns. But grocery stores sell Hot DOGS in quantities of 8 and Hot Dog BUNS in quantities of 12. Why can't these manufacturers just agree on the same number?

I'm sorry to digress. Back to light fixtures.
I had to drive out to Scarborough to pick up two more ceiling lights because the Caledonia store only had one in stock! Humph.
But it didn't take long for the renovators to install the new ceiling light and fan in the bathroom and it looked great. Now all we need is a toilet and sink.


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